December 15, 2019

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What To Bring

What Information You Need to Supply to Get a Mortgage Loan
You will typically need to supply the following documentation in addition to the mortgage loan application. Please note that depending on what loan program you choose more or less documentation may be required.

  • EMPLOYMENT: (A full 2 year history is typically needed for each Borrower).
    Salaried Borrowers usually need most recent pay stubs (covering last 30 days) and last 2 years W-2's.
    Self-Employed, Commissioned or Bonus Income Borrowers usually need last 2 years full tax returns (signed with all schedules attached), last 2 years corporate or partnership returns (if you have more than a 25% ownership interest) and a current year-to-date profit and loss statement.

  • RESIDENCE HISTORY: (You'll want to provide at least a full 2 year residence history). You will want to provide a copy of your payment coupons or statements on all mortgages. If you've rented, previous landlord name, address, and phone number (Note: you may need canceled checks -front & back- if residence payment history can not be satisfactorily verified by credit bureaus).

  • A legible copy of driver's license and social security cards for all Borrowers.

  • If you own any other Real Property you may be asked to provide a schedule of real estate owned including the name and address of the mortgage holder(s), account number(s), monthly payment including taxes/insurances, and if rented, copy of lease(s).

  • Any additional sources of income you wish to be considered should be supported by appropriate documentation (examples: social security, pension, dividends/interest, child support, alimony). Income from alimony or child support need not be revealed if it is not going to be considered as a basis for repaying the loan, however, alimony and child support expenses must be considered and verified. If you are divorced, you will probably need to provide copies of the property settlement statement and final divorce decree. If you've declared bankruptcy in the last 7 years you will probably need to provide a copy of the complete bankruptcy and discharge papers.


  • Copies of the original Closing Settlement Statement (HUD-1), Warranty Deed, Mortgage (also called the Deed of Trust or Security Deed in some States - usually 4+ pages long), Note (2 pages), Owner's Title Policy, and copy of hazard/flood insurance(s) declaration page(s) with agents phone number. If you can't find all your home documents, try contacting the closing agent that did your original closing and ask them for a duplicate set.

  • If you are paying off any debt, you will want to provide copies of most current statements on accounts to be paid off. If you are doing home improvements
    you should provide details of the improvements to be made.

PURCHASE MONEY LOANS usually require:

  • A copy of the sales contract and a list of contact people involved with the purchase (real estate agents, closing attorneys, etc.). Note: If you currently own your home you will need to provide a copy of the sales agreement &/or contract if property is being sold; or a lease agreement if your current home will be rented.

  • You will most likely be asked to provide copies of last 3 months bank statements, complete with addresses and account numbers for all accounts to be used as asset verification on your application. If stocks and bonds are being used as assets on your application you will usually be asked to provide the name, address, and phone number for your stockbroker and furnish copies of your most recent statements.

  • Employee Relocation Benefits. If eligible, you will need to supply a copy of the guidelines.

Remember these are general guidelines. Please call us directly for more details.

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