January 20, 2020

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Down to 550 Credit Score - Up to 125% LTV Refinance -
Up to 100% LTV on Purchase - 90% LTV on Jumbo Loan - Manufactured Homes - Seller Contribution up to 6%

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Mortgage Products

American Home Estate Mortgage, Inc. specializes in various loan products to fit any situation.

Easy Qualifying Second Mortgage Loans

Low Rate Purchase and Refinance Loans

Home Equity Loans

Debt Consolidation and Home Improvement Loans

Alternative Credit Programs

Fixed Rate / Adjustable / Interest Only Products

Foreign National

Reverse Mortgage

Stated Income / Stated Asset Program



Jumbo Loans

Rural Development

Lot Loans

Commercial Loans

No Income Verification

Self-Employed Borrowers

No Income No Asset

And Many More Programs… Please contact one of our loan professionals to find out about other programs and services we have to offer.

Specialty Programs

At American Home Estate Mortgage we offer many loan programs. Our goal is to find the best loan program to fit not only the needs for your financial future, but your current needs as well. No Equity Loan Programs

We offer no equity second mortgage loans for debt consolidation, home improvement, cash out for any purpose, paying off tax liens, and credit card consolidation. These programs are designed to provide you with an avenue to improve your monthly cash flow and take advantage of the benefits of a mortgage loan versus a regular consumer loan. This type of loan will save you money monthly, that otherwise would have gone to pay for higher interest rates and will allow deductions of interest paid on your annual income tax returns. These unique programs will allow you to obtain financing up to 125% of the market value of your property. Home Equity Loans

American Home Estate Mortgage can help you use your home's equity for a variety of needs. We offer loan programs for all credit borrowers. Whether you have perfect credit or have had some credit problems in the past, we have a program for you. The Refinance Loans we offer gives you, the homeowner the opportunity to take advantage of today's favorable interest rates by refinancing their existing mortgage to a lower rate or cashing out to consolidate debt or any other financial need. We will take the confusion out of refinancing and help you make the right decision. Call one of our loan professionals today for a free refinance analysis. Fixed Rate Mortgages

This is the most common type of mortgage program we offer, where your monthly payments for principal and interest never change. Fixed rate fully amortizing loans have two distinct features. First, the interest rate remains fixed for the life of the loan. Second, the payments remain level for the life of the loan and are structured to repay the loan at the end of the loan term. The most common fixed rate loans are 15 year and 30 year mortgages. Receive a free analysis of your current situation by calling or e-mailing us today!

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